Natures Buzz is the leading supplier of high-grade bulk Mānuka Honey, also Native and Clover honeys.

Honey as a natural sweetener is used in a range of products from cereals, glazings, cultural dishes, marinades, health drinks, yoghurts, cakes, health lozenges and more. Natures Buzz supplies honey to national and international customers for use as an ingredient. Ensuring all our bulk honey meets the highest standards for food production.

Packing options available:

  • Pails: 15kg, 25kg
  • Steel Drum: 300kg
  • IBC Tanks: 1465kg
  • Other sizes and options available on request
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Private Labelling

Natures Buzz is a leading supplier of OEM honey, through thousands of our own hives and supply chain quality control. Partnering with us gives you reliable honey supply, with our focus on Mānuka, Native and Clover honeys, ensures your brand and customers receive only the highest quality honey for national and international markets.

Our customers range from small market brands to large commercial supermarket supply.

Packing options available:

  • Jars: 250gm, 500gm, 1kg (round, square and hexagon available)
  • Pails: 15kg, 25kg
  • Other sizes and options available on request
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We work with key distributors around the world for sales of the Natures Buzz brand in bulk and retail. Distributors should have established sales and distribution into health channels in one or more countries and the capability of promoting Natures Buzz products. Contact to discuss the opportunities available.


Looking to expand your current range of food or health related products, Natures Buzz is high quality and affordable for your customers ensuring ongoing sales. Our products are sure to please. Contact us today to become a wholesale customer and add value to your retail business with our premium New Zealand Mānuka Honey.

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